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Cool Offer – Get Camtasia Version 3 for free

For anyone wanting to do video on their PC to share with others, there is really just one that you should be thinking about. That program is Camtasia, and is used by almost every marketer to create their videos. Even a big dummy like me can figure out how to use this powerful software to create videos in no time. Now the reason I wanted to bring this up is that right now TechCrunch is offering a free copy of Camtasia 3 to anyone who would like one. This is a FANTASTIC chance to get this piece of software. Here are the instructions to do so below:

1) Download the trial version of Camtasia from this link: camtasiastudio/enu/312/camtasiaf.exe
2) Head to TechSmith’s promotion page and fill out the fields to have an activation key e-mailed to you:
3) Install Camtasia 3, and enter your activation key during installation to convert your Camtasia to the fully working version.

Even if you do not think you will be doing videos anytime soon, you should take advantage of this offer now in case you do find yourself wanting to make some videos in the future. You may not see a video this great in a while.

Until next time… The Big Dumb Marketer signing out.

Wishing You a Happy Turkey Day

Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Time to chow down! Well, it is also a good time to give thanks as well, so don’t forget that. I will not be able to post again until after Thanksgiving is over, so I just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Big Dumb Idea #1

This first big dumb idea is one that I tried for a very short period of time and with not much effort, but it did show some results and promise. However, I did not stick with it. The idea involves using Craigslist to offer a service for a small fee to other webmasters.

The service in my case was to submit their website to 100 search engines instantly for $25. People with a decent SEO knowledge know that this is not really that important to getting your website indexed. There are usually better things to focus on such as creating unique content, backlinks, using social bookmarking sites, etc.. But inexperienced webmasters may see this as a great deal and an easy way to get their site submitted to lots of search engines. I don’t mean to sound like this was a way to scam people, as submitting to a lot of search engines does have its benefits, and if a webmaster sees value in it, you are therefore providing a valuable service. 🙂

So the specific method I used for this was I bought a piece of software that automatically did the submitting for me, so there was no real work on my part. (The software was $12 from someone selling it in the Digital Point forums). I then went to work posting in what I thought were the top 10 Craigslist cities about my service. I received a couple of replies, one guy even wanted more SEO services, but they did not pan out and I forget the reason why. However, this showed me that there was potential in this idea. Perhaps I could have offered the service for free or very cheap, like $5 and offered more SEO help as an upsell. Like I said, I was dumb and really did not follow through on this idea. So I give it to you.

You can take this idea and offer just about any service on Craigslist. The trick is automating the posting process on Craigslist. If you can figure that part out, then you will be in business. I hope this has sparked some ideas in your mind, and maybe you’ll use it better than I did.

Until next time, Big Dumb Marketer signing out.

Big Dumb Ideas

The more I surf online and read other marketing blogs, forums and products, the more ideas I get in my head for ways to make some extra money (naturally, right). So I figure I may as well write some of these ideas down somewhere that others can benefit from since I am not actively using most of them myself. Usually I will get an idea, and then implement it half heartedly, which of course will yield half hearted results. Sometimes it is a complete failure, but often times even the half hearted results are not bad. My problem is that it becomes hard to commit a large amount of time to any one idea unless it is earth shattering! That is the problem with having so many ideas, just not enough time.

I think that most of these ideas are not bad (most…), but they do requre some time and work, just like any normal business, to have any amount of success with. (The good thing however; most of my ideas will still require much less time than an actual J-O-B). I hope to share my ideas with you as often as possible. They may not be all 100% original, but that does not mean it won’t be something you haven’t heard of before. So stay tuned. I plan on posting my first Big Dumb Idea in the next day or two. Laterz, until next time.

Big Dumb Income Streams

Now that introductions are out of the way, I figure I should share a little bit about how I make money online at this very moment in time. I always find it fascinating to see the inner workings of a successful business (although I myself am very mildly successful), so I am sure others feel the exact same way. I will list my main income streams in order of biggest to smallest.

1) My number one income stream comes from a little something called “Mini Money Sites”. Sounds good don’t it? Who doesn’t want a mini money site? Hey, I’ll take a mini money cat and a mini money sandwich while I’m at it. Well I would if I could find such a thing anyways. So what is this mini money site I speak of? It is quite simple and amazingly affective.

A mini money site is a multi-page website targeted towards a specific niche. On each page of a mini money site there are relevant E-bay auctions displayed as well as Adsense ads. These are the main two income sources on a mini money site. If an Adsense ad is clicked, you get paid, but more importantly, if a visitor clicks on the E-bay auctions you are displaying and then buys ANYTHING from E-bay, you get a commission. In addition to this, if you refer a new active registration, you earn a $25 commission, which is very nice. So once you have a mini money site setup, traffic is sent to it, and if you have found a profitable niche, you will often do quite well. Of course, there is quite a bit more to it than this, but this method is not mine to completely divulge. Dennis Becker from 5 Bucks a Day and Earn1KaDay showed me this great model, and it has been great fun putting it to work. I would say that this accounts for 75% of my current income.

2) My second largest income source comes from a niche website that I built over a year ago and had an e-book written for. The site has several top 10 rankings in Google for relevant search terms and as a result makes a consistent Adsense income each month. The site also sells on average approximately 5 guides per month. I have not promoted this site for several months, yet it brings in some consistent income. I would say this accounts for 15% of my current income.

3) The rest of my income comes from a large assortment of small tests and techniques as I search for further ways to increase my income. Article writing, squeeze pages, mailing lists, craigslist, myspace, and many more tests and trials. I am always thinking, and trying new things, which may just be a downfall. But hey, that is why I have decided to blog about such things here. In hopes that it will somehow bring me some focus, and others can benefit from these ideas and experiences.

So those are my main current incomes from internet marketing right now. It is nothing major, but it is something to build upon. This also does not take into account the occasional WSO over at the Warrior Forum, or other sales promotion.

Keep your eye out here in the future, because I have a feeling that there will be more income streams to add to this list before long. I have many big ideas on the back burner right now, that hopefully I will be sharing with you soon. But until next time, I would love to hear where the majority of your internet income comes from.

The Big Dumb Marketer!?

Hey all, it’s the big dumb marketer here. The first thing you may be thinking is what can a big dumb marketer teach me? You don’t typically think of a big dummy as someone you will learn much from. Well, first, honestly I’m really not that dumb. At least I don’t think I am, so I must be calling myself dumb for another reason (I hope). So WHY am I The Big Dumb Marketer?

I am The Big Dumb Marketer because I am going to share every secret, every technique, every experience, every IDEA, every ounce of my marketing knowledge and know how that I can. If I discover a secret to take any webpage to the top of Google’s results, you will be the first to know about it. If I find the magic word that will turn any casual surfer into a hungry customer, this is where I will share it. I am not making thousands of dollars yet, but I am getting there, and I believe that the more I share and reflect on my marketing actions and ideas, the more success I will have, and the more success I can help others to achieve.

So that’s me and my blog in a nutshell. I want to share everything that I can with all of you, and hopefully if you pay attention, you will learn something from this Big Dumb Marketer.