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An Excellent Keyword Tool – “Keyword Expert” 4/5

Review of Keyword Expert – 4/5 Stars

Recently I purchased a copy of Keyword Expert to use for a couple of key functions including my keyword research. So far, I have been very pleased with this product, as it saves me the time and computer resources of having to have multiple keyword tools open at once as I work on my daily online activities.

First things first, Keyword Expert is somewhat of an all in one keyword tool, having 6 easily navigable tabs, each with its own useful function.

The first tab is the keyword suggestion tool. This tool works very well and displays many very useful pieces of information about the keywords that it finds and returns. The information it displays includes searches per month, number of google ads, number of search results for the keyword and a ratio of number of google ads to searches per month. This last piece of information is very useful for determining good keywords for your ppc campaigns.

The second tab is super useful for anyone who is familiar with Campaign Blasting or has ever been interested in trying it out, or just does a lot of PPC in general. It is a useful Adwords tool called Keyword Transformer which has a number of great features for improving your keyword lists. The keyword transformer automaticcaly adds the brackets and quotations for phrase and exact matching keywords. The wrapper will also remove spaces between words, automatically generate mispellings and generate every possible keyword permutation. It is an amazing tool for Adwords and will speed up the process of creating your keyword lists a ton. If you were to buy this tool alone, it would run you $60.

The third tab is what I like to call the “Hot Stuff” tab, labeled as Popular Keywords. All you do is click it once, and it will pull the most searched for words and phrases from 5 high traffic sources. This is a great one click way to find out what is hot right now. If you are into trend marketing, you will love this feature.

The fourth tab is a keyword organizer in which you can add some of your favorite keywords that you use in your sales copy or adwords ads. These are usually keywords that evoke emotion or action. Keyword Expert comes with a small list already in this section for you to start with. This tool is well put together as it can be categorized in a directory tree type of format, which is super helpful.

The fifth tab is a website analyzer which analyzes the backlinks to any website you would like.Enter the website you would like to analyze and one click later you will know the page rank, the number of backlinks in Google, Yahoo and MSN, the number of indexed pags and a few more pieces of great information. The results can also be exported with one click.

The sixth tab is a built in adwords editor. I do not really use this feature honestly since Google offers a standalone Adwords Editor which has many more features. But it may be something you want to play around with.

Overall, I think it this is a pretty cool keyword tool that will save you a lot of time and a lot of money from buying seperate tools for each function that this tool is capable of. It is a big time saver by having all of these functions in one easy to use program. The look and operation of the program is very nice. It is easy to use and familiarize yourself with, making it a great tool for those not as technically apt.

On the down side, sometimes the keyword suggestion tool takes longer than I would like to complete a keyword search, but I think this is common with many other keyword tools. As long as it returns useful results, I am happy…. and it does.

I highly recommend checking this out if you are looking for a powerful all in one keyword tool

You can try a free trial version of the software

Get Yourself Some Free Graphics

One of the most common costs that we as internet marketers face is the cost of graphics.  Whether it be header/footer graphics for your website or sales letter, ebook covers, button graphics or any kind of custom graphics we need, there is bound to be a cost.  That is unless you know a few great ideas that could get you some great graphics for absolutetly free.  Two of my favorites are below.

Free Graphics 1) The first method I often times use to obtain some free graphics is really quite slick.  On any given day, there is a good chance their are fledgling graphic designers out there looking to build their portfolio.  In order to do so, they are often willing to do very cheap or FREE graphics just to build that portfolio.  When doing so, they will usually just ask that whatever graphics they create for you, they can use in their portfolio with a link to your site.  So not only are you getting free graphics, but a backlink as well.  It’s a win win for all.  Finding these fledgling graphics designers can be tricky, but your best bet is to post on forums that you are looking for a new graphics designer looking to build their portfolio or something of that nature.  You will be amazed at the quality of work you can get this way.  Try it out.

The second method may be a little more difficult to find, but I have found at least one site that does this.

Free Graphics 2) The second method I have used to get free graphics is through a great site I have found that does free graphics for their visitors.  Usually they will only do one or two per day, so it may take some time before your graphic comes up, but if you have some time or are good at planning ahead, this is another great method.  Here is the site that offers a chance for some free graphics:

With these two methods in your arsenal, you should have a pretty good shot at getting some free graphics.  Now get to it!

This is the Big Dumb Marketer, signing out.

Big Dumb Action on Big Dumb Idea #2

Just wanted to give an update that I decided to take some action on the local directory idea.  I have hired a programmer to create a custom local directory script for me.  I have chosen a large city and decided to aim the directory at bars and taverns. I know there is an abundance of bars and taverns in this city, and I was able to get a pretty good domain name for the directory.

It will take some time for the script to be coded, but I will try to update how the idea is progressing here from time to time. I would love to hear if any others are thinking of pursuing this idea.  Perhaps we could share some ideas.

Keep an eye out for updates on how that goes.

Until next time, The Big Dumb Marketer, Signing out!

Big Dumb Idea #2

Alright, the New Year is upon us and many of us big dumb marketers may be looking for a new business model to build upon in 2008.  Something about those 2007 business models just wasn’t working.  Maybe they were just DUMB… or maybe they just weren’t for you.  Whatever the case, this could be a great new business model for just about any marketer.

Drum Roll Please…..  brum brum brum brum… hmm… maybe thats more like a motorcycle.  Anyways….

Create A Local Business Directory

Hmmm… you say, this doesn’t sound that profitable.  Well with a little hard work and shameless promotion, you may just be surprised how well you can do with this model.  One of the first reasons this model can work so well is that you will be targetting a very small demographic.  Well, small in comparison to the whole world wide web.  You will just be targeting a city… perhaps your own city.  Ok, so what should you do, and how do I get the moneys?!

First you will want to pick a specific type of business that there are lots of in your area.  A few of my favorite ideas target markets would be hotels, restaurants, pizza joints or bars.  Most decent sized cities have plenty of these, many of which are locally owned.  Ok, so lets say you pick restaurants.  First you would want an SEO friendly domain such as  Now likely this is taken, but you may be able to find that type of domain for smaller towns.  You may also want to see if .net, .org, .info, .biz or .us are available.  They are not your first choice, but you may have to settle.

Now that you have your domain, you will need to create your restaurant directory.  This may just be the hardest part, but it can easily be outsourced.  My advice would be to find an existing directory script that is similar to what you want, and outsource to have it modified to fit your needs. This may cost a little bit to begin with, but will be well worth it in the long run.  One capability you will want to have for sure in that script is the ability to accept paypal payments for listings in your directory.

Once you have your directory setup, you will need to add all of the restaurants in your city that you can to your directory.  You want to have that lived in feel before you start marketing it.  Add a couple as premium listings that are in a high exposure place on your homepage.  Now the money part comes.

Now that your directory is setup, you will want to begin contacting all of those restaurants on your directory, and anymore not on your directory yet and tell them about your targetted service and that they can purchase a premium listing for just $XX dollars.  Pricing options are up to you.  You can charge just to be added, or charge a monthly fee to stay on, etc…  But you have to make it seem attractive to the restaurant owners.  The beauty of this business model, the more businesses you add to your directory, the more will want to join and the more your directory will grow.

That is the jist of building a local business directory.  It is win win once it gets running since you get paid to list businesses, and the businesses get more business as a result.

To see a site that has done this very well, check out

Until next time, The Big Dumb Marketer Signing Out!