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Why Most Marketers Don’t Make Any Money Online

There are a number of reasons aspiring internet marketers do not make any money online. Some of the common reasons cited include information overload, lack of focus and the right mindset. There are many more smaller reasons as well, but one other BIG reason is the inability to finish what was started. Many newbies start out reading and devouring everything they can until they decide what route they would like to take. This could be product creation, affiliate marketing or maybe a membership site. So lets say they choose to create a product and they spend the next month creating this product. They finish a first draft and send it out to start getting feedback and testimonials. Meanwhile they begin building the sales page for their product.

This is all great and dandy to create a product and sales page for it, but it is where most new internet marketers for some reason…. just stop. They forget to SELL whatever it is they created, and they move on to creating the next thing. While they create product after product, they wonder why they aren’t making any money. Well that’s easy… they aren’t selling. The most important step internet marketers must take if they want to make any money online is to sell and learn to do it well. Selling involves driving traffic, setting up ppc ads, seeking out joint ventures and any other method you can use to get your product out there. I believe that this is where the most internet marketers fail to make money. So if you have created any products recently, make sure you are selling that product and getting it out to the public. Consider it not only your business duty, but your responsibility to get your information out there to help others that can benefit from it.