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Why Most Marketers Don’t Make Any Money Online (Part 2)

You may have read my last post on why most marketeres don’t make any money online. Well I went back and read it again and it got me thinking of one more big big big big reason a lot of marketers fail to make any money. As internet marketers, it is in our blood to learn and devour any new information that we think could take us to that next level or make us some extra income. A consequence of this is that all too well known thing we like to call information overload. More specifically how this makes many new (and old) marketers fail is it causes us to jump from technique to technique without fully learning, understanding or most importantly getting good at it.

By jumping from technique to technique marketers never allow themselves to fully benefit from what they are learning.  They may even forget about it entirely shortly after discovering it.  Whether it is gold or not.  The key is to spend your time learning and understanding the gold ones of course.  One of the wisest things I heard most recently is that once you find a technique that you could see yourself using as a part of your business model, stick with it and get good at it. It does not serve you to learn a technique only to move onto the next one and the next one and so on and so on.

To keep this short and to the point, the moral here is to not just learn a method or technique, but to first decide if it fits into your marketing plan, then practice it and use it until you become good at it and can integrate it into your everyday marketing activities. Once you have mastered one, you can begin focusing on the next one that you find will be valuable to you and your business. Before you know it you will have a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques under your belt that will have you increasing your income by leaps and bounds.

I hope this has been a light bulb moment or at least a friendly reminder of something you already knew.

Until next time, The Big Dumb Marketer signing out