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He Made it Big Making Fun Of White People

I don’t know his name, but whoever he is, he stumbled onto a phenomena with a little blog entitled “Stuff White People Like.”  In just a few months, this blog has become arguably one of the most popular blogs on the web thanks to it’s clever and quirky sense of humor.  On the blog, the author posts how white people like things such as scarves… or ivy leagues.  The amount of topics he could post about is almost limitless, making this idea even better.  It is all in how he words and structures his posts.

The guy even got a book deal out of running the blog and if it does well, I am sure a second one will be on the horizon.  So I got to thinking one day, maybe this guy has come up with a formula that can be repeated.  So here is what I think that formula might entail…

1)  Choose an idea that is somewhat open-ended, but at the same time targeted enough for a themed blog.  For instance, choose a country and call your blog “What makes <insert country here> great.  Hopefully that gives an idea of what I mean.
2)  Create your blog and give it a simple theme that does not distract too much from the content.
3)  Brainstorm post ideas and try to write your posts with a humorous overtone and point out and make fun of things that are true… because that is why they are funny.
4)  Try to make at least one post per day for the first month or two.  It is important to post as often as possible at first so that Google begins to take notice.  Also, make sure to ping your blog each time you post and work on other SEO features such as getting back-links.
5)  Keep up the hard work, you are bound to gain notice soon!
6)  Hope for a little luck to do as well as stuff white people like.  We do the best we can to substitute for that with hard work, but some luck never hurt either.
7)  Profit.  🙂

This may not be fool proof, but it should give you a good start.  The most important step is that you choose a fun topic that you can write about and just have fun with the whole thing.

Until next time, The Big Dumb Marketer signing out.